Mark's Video Page

I've been collecting videos for over a decade now, and been enjoying television much longer. Sometime in the early 80's, I began collecting shows I particularly enjoyed on videotape. Sometime shortly thereafter I began cataloguing my tapes so I could find the episodes I wanted to see. Soon, I began writing myself little episode guides with as much information as I could scrounge together.

I was overjoyed to find repositories of such information on the Internet (ftp, and now the www). I was also intrigued to find that some of my favorite shows did not yet have a 'Net presence. I began to work at "cleaning up" my episode guides into a presentable form for "publishing" on the net. Some shows beat me to the punch (witness "Weird Science" below), some shows had other folks pop up with episode guides before I was able to complete or clean mine (like Mysterious Cities of Gold). But for some shows I really am the first public source for information.

Below find a bunch of links, all of them to shows I really like. Almost all of them are shows to which I have my own episode guides; but only the first few have my episode guides posted.

Mark's Episode Guides / Web Sites

First up are a few items which I've written, here archived for semi-permanence:

Text only: 'Allo 'Allo Episode Guide version 2.4.
Cafe Rene - An 'Allo 'Allo Web Site
is for one of the best British situation comedies ever produced. It incorporates all the information from the episode guide, plus:
  • expanded episode summaries
  • more detailed actor credits
  • research into the music used in the programme
  • details on other materials (books, tapes, etc)
  • and more!
Text only: Phantom 2040 Episode Guide, Season 1 version 2.0.
Text only: Phantom 2040 Episode Guide, Season 2 version 2.3.
The Phantom 2040 Web Site celebrates the best animated science fiction show ever. The site incorporates both episode guides, along with:
  • listings of commercial videos
  • full show credits
  • and more!

Other Episode Guides / Web Sites

A number of the shows I love have already been web-ified by other fans or by the producer itself. A few of the shows below I'll load up my own episode guides along with the external ones - but wow! These are great!